is wreaking havoc across the world as deadly disasters destroy coastlines and devastate communities.

For many across Asia, fighting nature's fury is part of

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.

Known locally as Yolanda, it was the strongest storm to make landfall ever recorded.

6,000 people were killed.

1 million homes destroyed.

And 4 million people displaced.

This is the story of a small town’s five-year road to recovery.

Told through the eyes of its survivors.


Typhoon Haiyan hit with winds of 380 km per hour and waves seven metres high.

The town of Tanauan on Leyte Island was wiped out in minutes.

There was silence on the streets.

And the smell of death hung in the air.

More than 1,300 people were killed.

As the body count rose, mass graves were dug near churches and schools.

Many victims were never found.



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