Syria's children

The impact of six years of war on young lives

Since the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, more than eight million Syrian children have been affected by the conflict – out of which 2.4 million have become refugees in the neighbouring countries. The impact of the war on these young lives ranges from direct loss of family members and war injuries, to mental and psychological toll of growing up in warfare.

Living in conflict zones

At least 3 million children are estimated to be living in areas with high exposure to explosive weapons

Psychological toll

1 in 4 children at risk of severe mental health disorders – with potentially lifelong consequences


1.75 million children in Syria are not in school – almost 50% of their population. 1 in 3 schools are now out of use

Armed groups recruitment

Majority of children are at risk of being recruited by armed groups to cook and clean for soldiers or man checkpoints, before taking on active military roles as they get older

War loss

2 in 3 children suffer war–related loss – lost a loved one, had their house bombed or suffered injuries