Lorenzo Baldo

Court Reporter, Anti-Mafia 2000

Lorenzo Baldo is a reporter for Anti-Mafia 2000, a journal focusing on everything related to the Sicilian mafia and organised crime in Italy.

He believes that anti-mafia prosecutor Paolo Borsellino was killed because he found out the state and the mafia were negotiating and he was about to make it public - he was in the way.

Baldo says: “If it’s true that men outside the mafia asked Toto Riina to kill Paolo Borsellino …, and the same people ordered the murder of Di Matteo, this means we are in a mafia-state. A mafia hyphen state. A state that in order to preserve the status quo has to eliminate those magistrates who want justice.”

He says that some Italian officials allowed the mafiosi to threaten and blackmail the country - just by negotiating with the mafia. He believes that if Di Matteo’s case uncovers the truth about the state-mafia connection, it could change and liberate the country.

“It would mean the state finally has the courage to judge itself, to confront the skeletons in its cupboards and establish the truth. But do they really want to, do they really have the courage?” Baldo says.

He is not sure, because every time Judge Di Matteo receives death threats, “there is no one, not the president of the Republic, not the prime minister, not the president of the chamber, who says one word in support of him. This is a sign he is being isolated.”

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