Saverio Lodato

Author of Forty Years Of Mafia

Saverio Lodato is an Italian journalist and the author of Forty Years of Mafia.

He says: “For over 130 years in Italy we pretended the mafia didn’t exist. Not until Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino did we have magistrates in Sicily who said, No, the mafia in Italy exists. The mafia in Sicily exists. And it’s the judiciary’s duty to fight and try to destroy the mafia.”

During the so-called season of terror in the early 1990’s, the mafia used bombs and murder as means to negotiate a deal with the Italian state.

“In 1992 this was the deal: on one side were Riina and Cosa Nostra. On the other side was the state asking what the mafia wanted in exchange for stopping the bloodshed. It was a secret negotiation. But it didn’t save any lives. It actually provoked more deaths. The mafia succeeded in bringing the state to the negotiating table. They now raised the stakes with more massacres,” Lodato explains.

According to Lodato, the Italian state has had a relationship with the mafia for decades. But he claims that many officials don’t want the judiciary and the police to investigate.

"This is why Nino Di Matteo is not looked on favourably. He is not liked by the powerful in Italy or by the powers in Rome. The risk is that those who plotted with the mafia in the 1992 bombings could, one day, be brought to justice.

"Italy’s leaders should be saying, bravo! Investigate! Get to the bottom of all this! If there was someone inside the state who made pacts with the mafia, we will help you find out. This didn’t happen with Falcone. It didn’t happen with Borsellino. And it’s not happening today with Di Matteo."

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