Gaspare Mutolo

Former mafioso turned state witness

Gaspare Mutolo is a former mafia assassin who claims to have committed more than 30 murders.

He says: “As soon as you join Cosa Nostra it becomes normal to kill… I have killed, I have strangled, I have burned. It’s something all mafiosi do.”

Mutolo met mafia boss Toto Riina in prison and became Riina’s driver and hitman. Mutolo received a 16-year sentence in the Maxi Trial against the mafia in 1987.

In 1992, Mutolo became a state witness against the mafia. Interrogated by famous anti-mafia judge Paolo Borsellino, he was the first mafioso who spoke about the connections between Cosa Nostra and Italian politicians, institutions and judiciary.

Shortly after Mutolo’s testimony, Borsellino was killed in a car bomb in July 1992.

Mutolo says: “Borsellino was surrounded by corrupt members of the secret service. It put him in danger. You could read in his face he wanted to avenge Falcone, but he feared for his life because he felt surrounded. I told him, ‘Everything I’m saying to you is being leaked to the mafia’. Borsellino, poor man, knew he was going to be killed.”

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