Salvatore Borsellino

Brother of judge Paolo Borsellino

Salvatore Borsellino, the brother of famous Italian anti-mafia judge Paolo Borsellino, who was assassinated in July 1992, is desperate to find out the truth about his brother’s murder.

The engineer found out about his brother’s death from watching TV. He recalls the moment when he arrived at the scene. “When I got to Via D’Amelio they’d already cleaned up most of the blood and lumps of flesh. They found the hand of one of Paolo’s young bodyguards on the fifth floor. The pistols they were holding had exploded. Those kids were cut to pieces."

Borsellino believes that his brother threatened to go public with what he knew about the state-mafia collaboration and Judge Giovanni Falcone’s murder, and denounce it as a crime. According to him, a key moment was Paolo’s interrogation of Gaspare Mutolo, a hitman for Toto Riina, because no mafia informer had ever spoken out about organised crime’s infiltration of the institutions and the judiciary. So he believes the mafia felt “there was only one option left: kill him and kill him quickly.”

To him, Di Matteo’s work means a lot and he has joined protests in support of the anti-mafia prosecutor.

“This is the only court case that can find out the real reason Paolo was killed,” says Borsellino. “If this case gets to its end, it’s a dream for me. I hope it can continue. If this trial is blocked I don’t want to be alive to see my dream unfulfilled.

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