Salvo Palazzolo

Journalist, La Repubblica Newspaper

Salvo Palazzolo is a Sicilian author and investigative journalist covering the mafia. He has written extensively on mafia “boss of bosses” Bernardo Provenzano, who became Sicily’s top mafia Don after Toto Riina was arrested in 1993.

He explains that - according to mafia informers - Riina felt betrayed after the Maxi Trial convictions of hundreds of Cosa Nostra members were upheld by the Supreme Court.

“Riina went crazy and wanted revenge. He gave the order to begin Italy’s season of terror.”

Riina used the series of murders and bombs during the early 1990s as a means to negotiate a deal between the state and the mafia.

“Riina made a list of demands to the state in exchange for stopping the killings. They included abolishing the tough regime for mafiosi in jail and ending the seizing of criminal assets.”

He says about Judge Di Matteo’s ongoing mafia trial which is attempting to shine light on the “season of terror”: “It is a tragedy of intrigue, mystery and death. But also of life, passion, and struggle. The stage is set for an extraordinary story where good and evil confront each other.”

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