Monica Capodici

Author and anti-mafia activist

Monica Capodici is an author and anti-mafia activist from Palermo, the powerhouse of the Sicilian mafia, also known as Cosa Nostra.

She is trying to raise awareness about the state-mafia relationship and the isolation and lack of state support facing judges and other officials trying to fight Cosa Nostra.

According to her, the mafia is involved in everything in Palermo - prostitution, arms, drugs construction, restaurants. She believes that the vast majority of shops pay extortion money.

“Very few have the courage to say no. Too few,” Capodici says.

She explains that Palermo is divided into territories, and the territories into families. “Family bosses and district bosses divide the cake up equally. They can’t invade each other’s territory. Good negotiates with evil, evil with good. Always.”

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