thrilling century against your name or a breathtaking five-wicket haul - and the crowd is on its feet. You can see the immense appreciation but you can’t hear the applause.


You have just won a match singlehandedly and you let out a huge roar after crossing that final hurdle. Overcome by emotions and satisfaction, you do not hear the roar you just let out.




You call for a run but your partner can’t hear you.

The bowler oversteps, the umpire calls a no-ball but you cannot hear the call.

Deaf cricket is a global branch of cricket, played at league, club and national level all over the world.


The rules stay the same as the cricket we are more accustomed to watching. But it takes extra effort to overcome the obstacles and to perform without all of that.


On the field, you have to keep your eyes on the action and your captain.

In your head, you are no less than Chris Gayle or Dale Steyn.

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Yasir Nisar