A 4K, ultra-high definition tour


Through this high-definition, 360° tour, you can experience Islam's third holiest site in more detail than ever before. Millions of feet have walked these grounds, and now you can join them.


The tour will take you inside the Dome of the Rock and al-Qibli Mosque, and around many of the other religious landmarks on the compound's 14-hectare grounds. To experience al-Aqsa in 360 degrees, drag your mouse around the screen to navigate, or tilt your phone in the direction you'd like to view.


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Walk through al-Aqsa on a Friday


Friday is the busiest day at al-Aqsa compound, as thousands of people stream through its gates for Friday prayers. Here, you can walk around the various domes, gates and other religious landmarks on the Dome of the Rock platform.

Go inside al-Qibli Mosque on a Friday, where hundreds of worshippers have assembled for midday prayers. Starting from just outside, you can walk into the mosque and around the arched columns that divide the space into seven rows.

Take a look inside the Dome of the Rock on a Friday, where you can walk with throngs of worshippers around the Holy Rock of Ascension. You can then go into the small cave underneath the rock, which is also used as a space for prayer.

Who are the guardians of al-Aqsa?


Under a leaden sky, worshippers pour out of the Lion's Gate after Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque compound. From a distance, Zeina Amro watches the exodus. Once, she was a teacher and guide inside al-Aqsa; now, she cannot legally step onto the premises of Islam's third holiest site. For months, Amro and dozens of other men and women have been banned from visiting the mosque amid a crackdown by Israeli authorities on the Mourabitoun and their female equivalents, the Mourabitat... READ MORE


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