Five years after his release, Ali is still trying to find a lawyer to represent him. He still wonders why the Danish intelligence services approached him, and why the Lebanese released him without charges, only to convict him later in absentia and give him the death sentence in a terrorism-related case.


As for Hassan, he is looking for meaning in what happened to him. He has resumed his volunteer work as a cleric in Copenhagen. He says his case is not isolated. He says many young people he knows told him that PET has offered them work as informers.  He says the intelligence community offered lots of money and social and bureaucratic services to the young men.

He has little faith in the justice system. When he returned to Denmark, he asked a few friends whether he should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the intelligence services or even the media.

He was advised to forget about it because he is not of Danish origin. "It was a combination of fear and shock, which prevented me from opening a case." Only now has he opened up about his ordeal.