In 2006, Ali Ibrahim travelled to Lebanon after feeling intimidated by PET. At that time, one of his brothers, Saddam, was involved with the group calling itself Fatah Al Islam. He believes that his brother's connection made him an attractive and potential informer for the Danish intelligence service PET. In his book, Morten Storm says that in the spring of 2007, he was sent to Lebanon to inform on people of interest to PET. He claims to have met Saddam there.


After his arrival in Lebanon, Ali was repeatedly harassed and interrogated by the Lebanese authorities.

He believes that the harassment and arrests would not have happened if PET had not tipped off the Lebanese about him being a person of interest to them.


In May 2007, Ali says four armed men kidnapped him off the streets of Tripoli in front of his wife and children. He was subjected to eight months of solitary confinement, regular beatings, violent interrogations and torture. He spent almost three years in the Roumieh prison.