Interactive Overview of Macedonia’s Largest Wire-tapping Scandal


For the past couple of months, the main opposition party in Macedonia, the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, has been publishing recordings of illegally wire-tapped conversations of prominent political figures, journalists and activists. The opposition claims the conversations have been recorded by the Secret Police headed by Sasho Mijalkov, and has even published conversations of Mijalkov purchasing equipment from Israel. The government has denied any connection to the conversations, claiming they are fabricated, and a product of foreign intelligence units.


In the meantime, it is intriguing to analyze the conversations themselves. Being published in more than 29 batches called „bombs“, these conversations are mostly between senior government and rulling-party officials, covering a range of topics, from judicial corruption to control of the media. The wide spectrum of legal and constitutional violations present a hollistic and over-powering case of state capture by a group of people in the biggest party of the coalition, VMRO-DPMNE.


Apart from transcripts of the conversations, the interactive overview offers a listing of all the known individuals parttaking in these recordings. Each conversation is categorized according to the predominant theme or violation, offering a clear view of the connections and power-sharing mechanisms between these individuals.